About Us




What is TAS?

TAS (Translation Arts Society) is a group of professional multi-national freelance translators, writers, editors and copywriters, whose goal is to proactively contribute to the smooth flow of global business and communication, and to get your message to the world.

If you have to have documents that are clear, powerful and persuasive, then come to TAS. If you want your presentations, reports, proposals or academic research to reach a global, international audience and be understood and acted upon, then come to TAS. If you want to be confident that the message you want to send is sent in its clearest, most correct and most persuasive form, then come to TAS.

What makes TAS unique?

  • We guarantee high-quality, polished products by English-native or bilingual pro translators/editors and by Japanese and native copywriters. Our goal is to get your thoughts, your feelings and your intended meaning to the target reader so that he/she can read, understand and act upon your message the first time they see it.
  • For highly-technical fields, we gather translators with the appropriate expertise through our own freelance network to create documents that say what YOU want to say.
  • Less indirect cost achieved through our flexible organizational structure lets us offer you reasonable prices in addition to high quality and first-rate service.
  • As for business or academic presentations, presentation experts will coach you “man-to-man” and upgrade your existing presentation, or build one from scratch for you. And we can teach you to deliver your presentation in such a way that the audience will sit up and listen—every time.

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