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Keri Mitsufuji

Founder and Director of TAS. Former conference interpreter. She also teaches interpreting and translation at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; the author of several best-selling books on effective English learning and translation; a popular blogger on foreign movies and urban lifestyle.

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David Parmer

Chief Editor and Presentation Coach of TAS. After working on staff for several leading Japanese advertising agencies, he became a freelance copywriter and a columnist for an English newspaper. He is currently active as a photographer and has designed and built a website dedicated to Art Deco and vintage hotels in Shanghai. (www.shanghai-vintage-hotels.com)

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Mayumi Goto

TAS Senior Translator. She grew up in Australia and studied in a completely bilingual environment up to university; joined Simul International Inc. after graduation and interpreted for top level business meetings and international conferences for over 10 years.

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