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Translation (Japanese English)

Our services include company brochures, website content, advertisements, business documents, dissertations, speech drafts, presentation materials, etc. Please email us a page of your original document or a few slides of your presentation. We will send you a free estimate and a few comments on how we can improve your document. The estimate will be made based on the level of technicality and the time for delivery.

Translation samples

English Editing

There are three levels of editing.

  1. Proofreading: check only minor grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  2. Partial-rewrite: rewrite some phrases or sentences into more polished expressions that are understandable to English-native readers.
  3. Complete-rewrite: rewrite most of the text; sometimes change paragraph structures entirely based on cultural-specific rhetoric differences.

Send us a page of your document or a few slides of your presentation. We will make suggestions as to which of the above, a. b. or c is best for your material.

Editing samples

Thesis and Academic Paper Editing

One can not over-estimate the importance of properly-edited academic materials.

In addition to being a contribution to scholarship in a particular field they are also the result of hours and hours of research and study on some important field. Such work deserves the best editing possible so that good scholarship can be seen in the best light. A global audience is waiting for your research. Let TAS edit and polish your document so that it shines and makes the impression your work deserves.

Editing samples

Presentation Coaching

A professional English editor and trainer will coach a group or an individual who wishes to write and give an effective English presentation. Please contact us for further details.

Advertising Copy for Publication

Professional copywriters will write excellent copy for your company ad, website or brochure. Our job starts with a meeting and proceeds to copywriting, revision and proofreading until the product is completed to the client’s satisfaction.